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Ad stack management with white glove service.

Publir leverages data science with decades of ad ops experience at the most influential digital news outlets to deliver its publishers impeccable hands-on service and customized programmatic expertise.


Why choose Publir

Header bidding wrapper integration

Publir's Header Bidding solution brings significant uplift to existing publisher revenue streams by mediating auctions from industry-leading advertisers and demand sources at an entirely new level of granularity and putting these newfound margins of revenue into the publisher's pocket, all through a single line of code.


Publir delivers the ad placed on your site, all instantaneously

Publir integrates your ad placement with publisher content

Publir’s ad server selects the best content based on price

White Glove Client Support

Publir’s Denver-based ad ops team provides an uncommon level of dedication and transparency to its clients. Thorough, responsive, hands-on support, and individually-tailored strategies for every publisher property are the hallmarks of Publir’s service. The aim of every Publir partnership is to enable clients to focus on what
they do best - create premium content and cultivate an
engaged audience, without spending time or
resources on ad strategy.


Strategic Ad Ops Expertise

Precise campaign targeting, robust proprietary and licensed technology, and an established, data-driven strategy result in intelligent allocation of ad space to the highest-paying buyer - for every impression, on every page, across all device types. A strong focus on ad quality backed up with a growing suite of safety tools assures a clean, positive user experience that’s free of interruptions.

Support for Direct Sales Efforts

Direct deals booked by publishers integrate seamlessly into Publir’s platform, and can run in harmony alongside a market-best programmatic ad stack. Publir’s serving infrastructure and demand channels provide support for sponsorships or takeovers while strategically filling all remnant inventory.

Quick, Efficient Payments

Thanks to well-established relationships with ad buyers, Publir ensures its publishers are paid promptly and consistently, with no reporting discrepancies. Single monthly payouts eliminate the risks and hassle of collecting from multiple parties.